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Making Home Inspections Easy

Jumpstart your home inspection business with easy to use reporting and presentation tools.
Immediate Access. No credit card required.
Complete Reports On-Site

No need to add photos and videos to a report at home. Eneris lets you provide a complete home inspection report to your clients before you leave the property.

Why Inspectors Choose Eneris

Interactive Presentations

Skip lengthy PDFs. Our home inspection software creates neatly organized presentations that help you paint a clear picture of a home's condition.

Multi-Inspector Ready

Write reports alone or in a group and Eneris will automatically merge text, photos, and videos from each inspector to build a single report. Online or Offline.

The Easy To Use, One-Stop Reporting System

Schedule Inspection

Send & Electronically Sign Service Agreement

Send Invoice & Collect Credit Card Payment

Perform Inspection

Present Interactive Web Report On-Site

Generate & Share PDF Report and Summary

Automatically Collect Review

Committed to Service and Your Success

Over 1,000 reports created and 14 million square feet covered.

Great tools, great service.

We liked the look and feel, tried it out, were happy, and then when we had an opportunity to speak with the Eneris team and leadership, the commitment to service blew us away.


Michael Dayne

Director, Certified Home Inspector in Canada

Completely enabled us to focus on the inspection process. The software just does what it's supposed to. Integration was great, customization has been great, customer service has been over the top amazing.



Real Estate Owner-Operator in US

My experience with Eneris has been 100% positive. Since meeting with the developers at the start up 'till now, the support has been superb. The system is smooth and my client's feedback has always been positive.



Building Inspector in US

Easy to use. Support was fanstastic.

I wanted something simple, but powerful. That is exactly what I got with Eneris.

Incredibly short learning curve. The support was exceptional.



Senior Home Safety Specialist

Professional and Interactive Inspection Reports

Generate Summary and Full PDF Reports


PDF Summary

PDF Report

Share a Web Version of Reports


Web Report

Eneris Also Works With

Restoration, Construction, Remodeling

Plumber Fixing Sink

Insurance Inspections

Engineer Examining Air Conditioner

Property Management & Condition Reporting

Bedroom Interior

Vacation Home Checkups & Maintenance

Built for All Inspectors - New or Experienced


Built-In Progress Check


Built-In Video Tutorials

Schedule a Live Demo To Learn More

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