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Colorado Home Inspector Increases Business With Reporting Software

Dave Wall, the owner of ProTech Building Inspections in Carbondale, CO, was frustrated with his existing reporting software. Not only was it unorganized, and hard to use, but it was also limiting his business potential. Dave was turning away business because it took him so long to write the reports that he could only do 3 inspections a week.

The housing market in Carbondale (just down the road from Aspen) is quite unique. Dave describes it as "Billionaires buying out Millionaires". Homes are usually quite large and architecturally complex. These are the types of homes that you would see in Architectural Digest and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Because of this, the inspections take a long time and the reports tend to be in excess of 60 pages. This is why Dave couldn't do more than 3 reports a week.

Download the full case study and read Dave's story about how he solved his Home Inspection Reporting Software problem. Learn how Dave went from 3 inspections a week to 5 a day and how Dave has increase his business with features such as:

Customizable Inspection Items, The Mobile App, Talk to Text, Comments Library and support for Multiple Inspectors.

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