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Room-by-Room Data Entry

Efficiently work through a Home Inspection in Room-by-Room mode.

In the following example, we will consider the case in which a Home Inspector wishes to inspect the Kitchen, followed by the Living Room.


In both rooms, the Home Inspector finds issues with the Flooring, and wants to add report data for each observation.

​Part 1
Switch to Room-by-Room Mode

Click the Sort by Rooms and observe the menu switch to show rooms instead of systems.


The Manage Rooms button can optionally be clicked to configure rooms and their ordering.

​Part 2
Add Report Data to First Room

Click the Flooring item to expand it and add more observations.


The interior label to the right of Flooring specifies that this item belongs to the interior system of the home, and will be shown under Interior in the final web and PDF reports.

When expanded, a series of labels are shown as surrounded by the red box below. 

  • Item 1 is a tab specifying the first item to note to the client with regards to Flooring as a part of the property's Interior system

  • + Additional Item will add a new tab in which more information on a different issue can be entered, while still linking back to Flooring

    Items play an important role in adding findings from each room to the Interior -> Flooring section


  • Location will automatically be filled in with the Room that is currently being inspected

​Part 3
Add Report Data to Second Room

As mentioned above, a notable issue was found regarding the Flooring in the Living Room. Clicking the Living Room button shows items typically found to inspect in that room.


The Flooring subject currently has 0 entries in the Living Room, as noted by the 0 to the right of the subject.
Clicking + Additional Item will add a new Item.


After clicking + Additional Item, Item 2 has been created with Living Room automatically entered in the Location box.

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 10.00.40 PM.png
​Part 4
Report View From a Client's Perspective

The issues observed with Flooring are shown in the Web and PDF reports in a manner that clearly conveys each detail to your client.

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 10.01.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 10.13.32 PM.png
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