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Home Inspection Software That Just Works
In just a few minutes, see why hundreds of home inspectors in the United States and Canada have added Eneris to their toolbox.
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  • Unlimited Reports for 30 Days
  • 2 Free Reports Per Month After 30 Days
  • Test-Drive Payment and Review Collection
  • Complimentary Live Demo Session
  • See Why Inspectors, Agents, and Clients Prefer Eneris
Monthly Subscription



per month
Annual Subscription



per month
$580 billed annually 
$736 billed annually 
Monthly & Annual Subscriptions Include All Free Features, Plus:
  • Unlimited Reports

  • Unlimited Photo & Video Uploads

  • One-Click Online Booking Link

  • Fast Phone & Email Support

  • Multi-Inspector Mode
    Please contact us for preferred pricing on multiple accounts

  • Credit Card Payment Processing

  • Automatic Request for Client Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Eneris share my inspection data and client information with third-parties such as insurance firms?

    No. We are solely dedicated to providing home inspectors with quality inspection software, and do not have any incentive to share/sell your information.

  • How long will Eneris keep my inspection reports?

    We do not delete inspection reports to save space.

  • Can my Eneris account integrate with my ISN account?

    Yes. Our paid plans offer functionality that will automatically sync your inspection reports with your ISN account.

  • Is Eneris compatible with TREC requirements for home inspections in Texas?

    Yes. We recommend that Eneris be used to supplement the TREC 7-6 form. The TREC 7-6 can be attached to an Eneris report, and Eneris templates can be made to reiterate sections specified in the TREC form.

  • What if I don't have internet while I'm at the inspection site?

    The Eneris iOS and Android Apps include an Offline Mode, which allows for you to complete your data entry without an internet connection. It can then be synced to the cloud once you have access to the internet again.

  • What if I'd like to cancel my membership?

    No problem, the system will preserve your past reports until you choose to resume your subscription.

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