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Working Offline

Build and present Property Inspection reports without an active internet connection on mobile devices.
Part 1 - Schedule New Inspection
​Part 1
Schedule a New Inspection

Click New Inspection or Create Inspection while connected to the internet on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 9.07.21 PM.png
​Part 2
Enable Offline Mode
Part 2 - Enable Offline Mode

Access the newly created inspection and navigate to the General tab.


On mobile devices with smaller screens, this is denoted by the for sale sign icon.

The Use Offline button will be displayed underneath the scheduled inspection time.

Tap the Use Offline button to put the report in Offline Mode.

  • Offline Mode works by saving a working copy of the report to your iOS or Android device.

    In this mode, the app will not attempt to back your data up to the cloud unless you ask it to.

​Part 3
Begin Writing an Inspection Report
Part 3 - Begin Writing the Report

Once a report has been put into Offline Mode, it is safe to close the App. If the App is started without an internet connection, the list of all reports accessed via the View Schedule button, or the upper right menu's Reports button will only show reports made available in offline mode via Part 2 above.


Tap the address of the report to open it and begin writing the report as usual. 

In Offline Mode, reports can be previewed and presented in the Web format, but not the PDF format. Eneris requires an active internet connection to generate/share PDF reports, add attachments, and create/send invoices.

  • Tip: Some Android devices save photos to an album different from the default photo gallery. If photos taken on an Android device are not shown in your gallery, navigate to the top folder to see all available photo albums.

  • Tip: Devices can often have a signal weak enough to not be reliable for internet usage, but sufficient to make apps think they are connected. 

    This would cause the "Working Offline" message to flash intermittently.

    In this case, we recommend putting your device in either Airplane Mode, or disabling the Cell Data (ie. LTE, 5G), and then restarting the Eneris app.

​Part 4
Sync to Cloud and Exit Offline Mode
Part 4 - Sync to Cloud and Exit

In the General tab, a reminder message is shown and contains two options:

Sync to Cloud - Ready

Copies current report data from your iOS or Android device to your cloud-based Eneris account.

  • It is safe to push the Sync to Cloud button frequently if the internet connection is intermittent

    (ie. You were in the crawlspace of a property, and are now in the backyard where you once again have cell service)

    Doing this will back up the most recent report material and photos to the cloud.


  • If no internet connection is currently available, the button will show:
    Sync to Cloud - Waiting for connection


Exit Offline Mode

Deletes the current report data from your iOS or Android device. Syncing to Cloud must be done before exiting offline mode.

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