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Multi-Inspector Support Is Here!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The latest update to the Eneris Home Inspection Platform lets a group of inspectors collaborate on a single report. Now multiple inspectors can inspect different areas of the same property, and Eneris Home Inspection Software will automatically merge each inspector's work together whenever the report is saved.

In this post, we'll go over a few common use cases, and how to use this feature.

Common scenarios where the Group feature in Eneris is valuable

  • A home inspection company consists of multiple home inspectors who are assigned to properties by a booking clerk or master agent

  • A self-employed home inspector occasionally partners with other inspectors when business is busy

How to use the Group feature to collaborate with other inspectors

Step 1

All inspectors sign up for the Premium plan to enable the Groups feature. Starter plans can be transferred to Premium plans by logging into Eneris and navigating to Settings -> Subscription.

Step 2

The primary inspector who wishes to have ownership over the group adds other Home Inspectors who have an Eneris Premium plan to their group via email address.

In the scenario shown as example screenshots below, let's say that ACME Home Inspectors LLC consists of three home inspectors: Bill Smith, Tom Wallace, and Laura Ash. Once each of the inspectors has signed up for Eneris, they can create or be added to a group.

In the screenshots above, Bill adds Tom to his group.

On Tom's account, he can now see an invite to join Bill's group and clicks Accept.

Tom is now part of Bill's Home Inspection group. By default, both inspectors will be able to see each others' scheduled inspections, and both will be able to modify the inspection reports. If only one-way visibility is desired and Bill does not want to see reports created by Tom, he can click Leave to unsubscribe himself from Tom's schedule.

Multiple home inspectors can be added to a group by repeating the process described thus far.

Step 3

Any of the inspectors can now create a report and it will automatically be visible on the calendars of every inspector in the group.

Bill can see both Tom and Laura's scheduled inspections. Clicking on the calendar links for any report will open that report.

Step 4

Inspectors can begin to collaborate on the report that was created just as if they were using Eneris to perform any other inspection. The system will automatically merge report information, photos, and videos.

Step 5

The inspector who originally scheduled and created the report can generate a PDF of the final report and share both the PDF and Web reports with the client.

If Bill created the inspection report, Tom and Laura are not able to modify general details, such as the schedule, service agreement, and invoice. They are only able to contribute to the actual inspection data.

In order to make Eneris aware of inspection data to be merged, the Sync and Refresh button must be pressed, which will automatically synchronize report data from all inspectors when in online mode and then refresh the report to reflect everyone's additions. The group feature also works in offline mode, and will merge report data when the Sync to cloud button is pressed.

And that's it! Our software handles the intricacies related to merging, letting home inspectors focus on the job at hand.


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