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Writing Better Home Inspection Reports

After a couple of years of working with Home Inspectors, it became increasingly apparent that writing isn't a strength for many inspectors. While some inspectors take the time to craft the messages in their reports, others might be inundated with the pressure of delivering a report to clients and agents ASAP. This leads to a tradeoff between the turnaround time to produce the report vs. the professional polish of the writing in the report itself.

Luckily, there's a solution to this! For those of us who aren't the best at writing home inspection reports, and would rather be pointing out mold in the attic and busted GFCIs, tools now exist that can easily coach/correct your writing on the fly.

A highly-rated tool that you can start using to improve the writing in your home inspection reports is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a plugin for Chrome browsers that can work alongside a home inspection reporting system, such as Eneris, to help you double-check your work for grammatical mistakes, as well as make it easier for your clients/agents to read. A free version checks basic syntax and gives you an overall score on clarity, engagement, and delivery.

Eneris and Grammarly working together
Eneris and Grammarly working together

If you have a few minutes, I highly suggest getting the extension for Chrome browsers and giving it a try alongside our reporting system.

Once you craft your messages and add them to the notes section of each report subject, Eneris will automatically save these notes for use in future reports as well.

Here's to better writing in your home inspection reports 👍


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